About us

Welcome to Taizhou Qixin!

At Taizhou Qixin Import & Export Co., our philosophy is simple: offer the types of high quality, customized printing products that your customers need. From scrapbooking items and note cards, to stationary and planners, our product lines are created to provide buyers with more than just merchandise, they provide an experience. Beginning with concept development and prototyping, we work closely with national retailers and global distributors to customize printing products for their clientele. This is because Qixin is about offering optimal customer support, developing long-term partnerships and encouraging a corporate culture grounded in the principles of honesty and reliability. We are the printing partner you need to help your business grow.

Our Values

Cost Efficiency:
Becoming one of China’s leading suppliers of print products was about combining top quality items with affordability and reliability. Our number one goal is to work with you, with your budget, and with your customer base in offering you those products that represent the very best of what we do. Maximum quality, on-time delivery and cost efficiency—this is the only way we know how to operate.

Customer Service:
The reason we have so many nationally recognized customers to include Macy’s, Target and Staples is because we always put customer service above all else. With a solid and experienced western management team, we are hands-on when it comes to working with our clients, regardless of how big or small their project needs.

With the latest in technological advances when it comes to the printing industry, we are fully equipped to handle all of your needs. A Roland-700, Heidelberg 102, automatic CTP system, 102VP double sided printing machine, make up the backbone of our in-house facility. This simply means, we can handle all of your printing needs. And with laminating machines, UV glazing machines, die-cutting machines, folding also sewing machines, not to mention a full range of finishing equipment, our capabilities are extensive.

Our client list speaks for itself. You don’t acquire multi-million dollar projects by accident. You provide amazing printing products, top notch service and the reassurance that you will do whatever it takes to continue a highly productive working relationship. With satisfactory audits performed by Disney, Michaels and factory certifications to include: FSC, WCA, GSV, and SGS, we take great pride in our legacy of excellence.

Our Mission

To provide the ultimate in printing products, underlined by on-time service, cost efficiency, honesty and reliability. To create long-term partnerships and through these relationships bring value to your company and your clientele.

With the latest in printing technology and an in-house facility optimized to create virtually any printing product required, from children’s books, to greeting cards, to magnets and more, we want to establish Qixin as a primary printing product supplier of the US as well as other western markets.

Our commitment is always to the customer first. We are in business for you! We therefore guarantee not only the highest quality printing products, but a process that involves helping you develop those initial design concepts, undertaking mass production of your product line, and planning out the logistics. Our team is with you every step of the way.

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